Pepperidge farm coconut cake

pepperidge farm coconut cake

My go to cake fix!! Love coconut cake and this fills the bill. The cake is light and flavorful. The frosting is a little thin for my taste, but more than sufficient. I just love.
So I'm obsessed with these Pepperidge Farm cakes! They have several delicious flavors the Coconut and Triple Fudge are my all time favorites! They taste so.
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Pepperidge farm coconut cake - Out What

Only one problem, you can't buy them in the uk. Totally smitten with this recipe to try!! This cake is excellent for the price. It is moist and delicious and topped with a whipped Coconut Cream Frostingwhich you may just want to eat alone with a spoon. I made this and it was yummy. These Milano cookies, along with other flavor varieties contain nothing but cheap worthless ingredients that do nothing in terms of nutrition for your body. pepperidge farm coconut cake