Use crisco instead of butter

use crisco instead of butter

I have a recipe asking for unsalted butter, can I use Crisco instead?.
You are always supposed to use Crisco in cookies! Not butter! You You You Novice! No wonder you fail.” Rude! Well, my rebuttal is.
Butter and cisco both belong chemically to FAT group. The most important . Is it better to use butter instead of Crisco when baking cookies?.

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This combination of fat and water is what makes butter unique: The heat from the oven during baking turns that water into steam, which can cause more gluten formation, resulting in crisper cookies if baked long enough. Has anyone ever tried sheriff callie cake butter crisco instead of butter??

Twins are: Use crisco instead of butter

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Bjs sheet cake The FDA sold us a bill of goods that sadly too many people still believe are healthy. Because shortening is flavorless, it is great to use in frosting recipes. Easy-to-measure shortening sticks with butter flavor. Do I need to grease it? It gives that sub for eggs flavor when used instead of the original. Making the choice: shortening vs. It can make them softer.
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Use crisco instead of butter I do have Crisco though. Butter does better in baked recipes but I guess crisco will do in a pinch. It takes some trial and error to get it just right. Three paragraphs in, this leads me to the actual point of this post- can someone please tell me the difference between butter and Crisco when baking? What is a Blue Ribbon Minion baby shower cake
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Has anyone ever tried the butter crisco instead of butter?? Do you think it better to use plain crisco and add butter flavoring. Crisco And Flour Vs. Non-Stick Cooking Spray.
I found a recipe for a pound cake that calls for Crisco shortening! I never use shortening,and asking could I possibly use butter instead of.
If you use shortening, but want an effect closer to butter, add 1 and 1/2 For the record, I used unsalted Land O' Lakes butter and Crisco plain.