Hmong wedding cakes

hmong wedding cakes

Our Hmong wedding Our 3 tier Hmong wedding cake with Hmong designs. Each layer were 3 different fillings; German Chocolate, Strawberry.
Hmong Wedding Cake black umbrella symbolizes a marriage in my culture. it was made from fondant.
Hmong Wedding Cake My nationality is Hmong and I don't ever see anything Hmong out there on I designed one for my people. hmong wedding cakes DIY Cupcake tower. I did this for my wedding and it was actually pretty easy and so cute it the end! (mine was a little different than this).
Discuss weddings that your students have attended. Compare and contrast them with Hmong customs. ♢ Examine What does the wedding cake symbolize?.
Hmong style food. My kind of rolls. Adore these cupcakes. Hmong touch. Hmong - American theme wedding. Hmong wedding cookies by Sweet Baketique.