How to sift powdered sugar

how to sift powdered sugar

Hold a fine-mesh strainer in one hand and gently tap its side with a finger from the opposite hand. (Do not shake the strainer itself; this will produce heavy spots.).
This cooking video shows you how to sift powdered sugar without a sifter, so you can concentrate more on what to make with your sifted sugar!.
No sifter; no problem. Stir your dry ingredients with a whisk, or pass them through a strainer to incorporate them thoroughly.


Powdered Sugar Spoon -- Sifting Powdered Sugar The only time I don't skip the sifting is when I'm making an icing or frosting. If you' ve ever sifted any powdered sugar, you'll know that there will always be some.
I "reverse" sift. I store my sugar (50# at a time) in a large plastic bin. I use a metal strainer type to sift. I rub the BOTTOM of the strainer back and  How Do You Get Sifted Powdered Sugar Into Ka With Least Mess.
How To Sift Powdered Sugar Without A Sifter – It's time to get creative in the kitchen with this tutorial for How To Sift Powdered Sugar Without A Sifter! Try using. how to sift powdered sugar