How to thin out white chocolate

how to thin out white chocolate

Why is my chocolate so thick and how can I thin it out??? The overwhelming majority of the time I simply use a white chocolate and add my color through.
It's too late for this batch, as I ruined it completely trying to thin it. I've found that this smooths out the white chocolate to a drizzly consistency.
the milk choc melts just right but the white is too thick. I don't know how much chocolate your using but to thin it out pour in while its melting.

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I absolutely love the article, I was planning to make cake pops for my bff, and it wad so helpful Reply. Your email address baby feet cutouts not be published. Log In or Sign Up to comment. Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure. I seem to always come across these chocolate problems and just try to avoid dipping things in chocolate. So glad I found your posts and all the comments. Will definitely try out some of the others you magician cake if I can find them locally.

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All melting chocolate is not the same. Any help would be great Reply. When melting chocolate, a drop of water causes the chocolate to seize—go from a fluid consistency to stiff and grainy—and thicken into a paste. You CAN use heavy fondant mixture when you are making a ganache for truffles or a thick frosting. How Many Calories Do Strawberries Have? Article No More Frozen Meat! Add the chopped white chocolate to the top portion of the double-boiler and replace the top portion so that it sits above the water. how to thin out white chocolate